Uncompromising in hygiene​.

Safety in all areas through germicidal UV-C light disinfection with easydisi.

easydisi ONE

The easydisi ONE disinfection tower: specific surface and room air disinfection ensures a germ-free environment.


easydisi AIRCONTROL air purification devices: permanent room air disinfection reduces the risk of infection to a minimum.


100% natural

UV-C light is a natural disinfectant and kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria!


Proven effect

UV-C light with a wavelength of 254 nanometers has been scientifically proven to have a germicidal effect.


Long proven

UV-C light has been used for 10 years in hospitals for disinfection.

easydisi – perfect for

  • Hotel business, Gastronomy, Apartments
  • Nursing homes, Retirement homes
  • Sports facilities, Fitness centers, Changing rooms
  • Practices, Studios, Offices, Laboratories

10 good reasons for easydisi and disinfection with UV-C light:

  1. Kills bacteria, viruses and yeast within seconds
  2. Neutral in taste and scent
  3. No development of health endangering products
  4. Free of chemicals
  5. Wide range of applications
  6. Low-maintenance
  7. Easy to use – no filter cleaning
  8. Highest form of operational safety
  9. Low costs – no filter change
  10. Made in Austria

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